TCC Boonautic (60ml)



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Extracts Per Bottle: 1 Gram of TCC extract
Bottle Size: 60ml
Recommended Dosage: 10ml

We have the most awarded syrup available in Canada to date! Using only the finest organic ingredients, raw cane sugars and concentrates.  Thompson Caribou syrup is a Vegan friendly, truly organic product without any harmful additives like Vegetable Glycerin or Propylene Glycol (like the other guys). The syrup is very discreet and can be added to a personÍs favorite drink, or food and deserts. Medicated with 1000MG of Thompson Caribou Concentrates in a 60ml bottle, offered in five amazing flavours!
Strawberry watermelon and Mocha Boo
Edibles can effect everyone differently, we do advise using caution when dosing syrup. Start with a small 10ml dosage, approximately 100mg THC. Edibles are not recommended to be taken on an empty stomach. Store at room temperature, keep out of direct sunlight. Keep away from children and pets.