Glacial Gold – Elixir (300ml)


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Edible Cannabis Extract

You may have heard it called Phoenix Tears or any other variety of other names. But a rose by any other name will still smell just as sweet. Our Elixir is made from premium cannabis extract which is activated and ready to consume orally directly from the dispenser.

This edible oil is preferable for anyone who cannot smoke cannabis, but who need cannabinoids in specific CB receptors. Our concentrates are mixed with medium-chain triglyceride(MCT) oil, which add further benefits to the product.

Wide-use Application

Glacial Gold Elixir cannabis oil is laden with cannabinoids which can help with different medical treatments. You can add it to your favourite munchie recipe for a “medible” experience or combine it with coconut oil and apply it topically like a creme.

Dosage: 300 mg  THC

Available in 1 ml  applicators


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