Can You Buy Weed Online In Canada? What You Need to Know About Canadian Weed Laws

On June 21, the Canadian Senate passed The Cannabis Act. This law made it legal to sell, buy, and consume recreational marijuana in Canada. According to the country’s Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, citizens should be able to partake by October 17.

But what exactly does this mean? Is there a limit on how much weed a person can have on them at a time? Is it legal to buy weed online in Canada?

We will get into all of the specifics in this article. Just keep following along.

Canadian Weed Laws by Location

On the official date that weed becomes legal in Canada, the rules will still vary based on your location. So, to make sure you are always in compliance, we listed some differences between the biggest provinces here.


In Quebec, it’s legal for anyone who is old enough to drink (18 years and older) to purchase weed as long as it’s from a licensed retailer. If you are of age, you can smoke in public, but not in all spaces. Smoking weed is not allowed on school property, parks, and public buildings.

You can also have up to 150 grams of the dried plant on you at a time. But keep in mind that you cannot grow it whether your intent is to keep it for your own use or to sell it.


In Ontario, the legal smoking age for weed and cigarettes is 19 years old.

You also cannot smoke in public places, even if you’re outside unless you have a medical marijuana card. This law also includes enclosed private places like your car.

Put simply, you can only recreationally smoke weed within your own home if you’re in Ontario.

Nova Scotia

In Nova Scotia, you have to be 19 or older to smoke weed. If you’re younger than 19 and are caught with 5 grams or more, you will be charged with criminal drug possession.

They do, however, allow those of legal age to possess up to 30 grams at a time and grow four plants, max.

Nova Scotia has a couple of other laws that are more strict than its counterparts. For instance, driving while high can get your license suspended for a full year and cost you a fine between $1,000 and $2,000. If you’re caught driving under the influence of weed a second time, you will spend 30 days in jail.

Quebec, on the other hand, will simply suspend your license for 90 days.

It is illegal to smoke weed publicly in the majority of Nova Scotia. So, you’re only allowed to smoke at home for the most part, but that might change as well. Nova Scotia might make it possible for landlords to evict tenants for smoking marijuana on their properties.

British Columbia

Nineteen-year-olds can legally smoke weed in British Columbia and it’s okay to smoke in public places where people are able to smoke cigarettes. Parks, benches, schools, and other places where children roam are still off limits though.

Additionally, BC makes things easier for independent growers to open businesses. Because unlike other provinces, there will be a combination of government-run stores and independent retailers.

Weed can be sold from a store independently as long as the store isn’t located in a rural area. Rural areas require the store to sell other things with the weed like food or lottery tickets.


As long as you’re 18 or older, you can purchase and smoke weed in Alberta. You are allowed to do so publicly, for now. However, they are looking to completely ban outdoor weed smoking.

Private and independent retailers are allowed to sell here, but who can sell and where are both closely monitored. Dispensaries have to be at least 100 meters from one another and other places like schools and hospitals.

The Regulation of Weed Products

Yes, weed will become fully legal throughout Canada, but that doesn’t include all your favorite weed-based products.

In the beginning, stores will only stock their shelves with oils, seeds, and dried flowers. So, if you’ve been excited to partake in edibles, you might have to wait another year.

The Canadian government says a year is roughly how long it will take to create regulations for edibles while sorting out other issues. One of the problems that need sorting is with the product labels.

Health Canada wants large warning labels on packages. There have been strict restrictions set on the sizes of fonts, the styles, and colors. The problem is, the huge warning labels take away from the product the packages contain.

There isn’t much room left over for branding components like logos. The argument from Health Canada is that the large warning labels will scare minors from using edibles.

Can You Buy Weed Online in Canada?

Canadians have been allowed to buy weed online since 2013, but the access has been limited until now. Originally, the weed was to be purchased only for medical use by patients who had previous authorization.

Some regulation processes will remain regarding the receipt of weed through the Canada Post now that it is becoming legal throughout the country.

For instance, in order to receive packages containing weed, citizens will have to show proof of their age during the delivery. Also, these packages will not be left on doorsteps. You will have to be home to receive your weed through the mail.

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As long as you are of legal age and can prove it, you can buy weed online in Canada. Just be sure to follow the more specific laws and regulations if you plan to carry it with you or smoke it in public.

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