The Best Way to Store Weed Once You Receive Your Online Order

Once you start using weed and ordering it regularly, you have to come up with the right way to store it. This goes for people who are trying to keep weed out of the hands of their children or their pets, and for those who just don’t want the smell to get all over the house.

Controlling weed’s smell and maintaining its overall quality is a bigger concern than you might think. If you’re still using plastic bags or putting your weed in the fridge, it’s time to rethink your approach.

Follow the steps below to discover the best way to store weed.

1. Get Something Airtight

First things first, throw out all of your plastic marijuana containers and invest in something made out of glass. Plasticware may work well for leftover food or things that you’re marinating, but they just don’t do the trick when it comes to marijuana storage.

Instead, use mason jars or glass storage containers. Make sure the containers have a lid that locks instead of a plastic lid. This way, you can trust the seal is as tight as possible, which will keep all the strong scents from getting out.

2. Pay Attention to the Temperature

Once you have all the weed you ordered in the proper container, you have to think about where you’re actually going to put it. Do not, under any circumstances, place it in the fridge or the freezer. Try not to leave your bud by a source of heat, like the oven or on top of the microwave, either.

Such temperatures will affect the overall quality of the weed. They can dry out concentrated products like oils and hash and lessen the potency of fresh flowers, too.

3. Watch out for Humidity

In addition to temperature, you have to be cautious of humidity. This usually doesn’t affect you too much if you’re storing marijuana indoors. If your go-to smoke spot is outside or you’re going camping for the weekend, though, humidity is something to seriously consider.

A few things can happen when humidity hits marijuana. It can either change the color of a fresh bud, the consistency of any product, or even the aroma and the flavor.

The more humidity that gets into your container, the more likely these things are. In the most extreme of cases, humidity can cause mold and completely ruin your marijuana.

4. Stay Away from Direct Sunlight

Here’s another important tip on how to store weed properly: save the heat for when you want to use your weed. Heat creates vapor, and vapor releases the beautiful scents and desirable effects of weed.

But, if your marijuana is sitting in the sunlight all day, you’re using up all of its best properties. This doesn’t just apply to direct sunlight. If your container is sitting on a windowsill or on top of a dresser that receives natural light through a window, your weed is being damaged.

Instead, place your container somewhere that no light at all will hit it, or at least a minimal amount of light. Some good placement options are:

  • in your pantry
  • in a drawer
  • in your closet
  • under the bed
  • on a bookshelf
  • on top of your bedside table

You may have a couple more ideas of where you can put the order you’ve received. Just make sure wherever it goes that there is no sunlight affecting it.

5. Keep Different Strains Separate

Speaking of your marijuana order, are you expecting to receive more than one kind of strain? Many people keep a small collection of different strains on-hand for various needs.

For example, they’ll have one kind of weed for the morning and another one for the night. Or, if two people under the same roof place one order together, they will likely have unique preferences.

Either way, never mix two strains in the same container. This will jumble up the scents, flavors, and overall experience one strain is supposed to offer. Instead of having the classic experience of Lemon Garlic or Raspberry Cough you’re going to end up with something totally unexpected, and most likely, not as good.

6. Consider Investing in Advanced Weed Storage Tools

Maybe you’re already aware of the best way to store weed basics and you want to take things to the next level. You can invest in vacuum seal containers or special boxes to place all your different strains in their own compartments.

These are just a few of the advanced weed accessories on the market. They make storage much easier and more effective. Plus, such tools enhance the whole experience of buying, storing, and using!

7. Make Sure You’re Not Using Tobacco Tools

If you’re most interested in the tip mentioned above, always make sure you’re actually buying tools that are meant for marijuana. The last thing you want to do is buy a fancy humidifier only to realize it’s for cigars and fresh tobacco instead of weed.

This completely changes the conditions. It doesn’t live up to the expectations of a real marijuana storage kit, and can even end up doing more harm than good for your weed. To get the best experience possible, always double check and use your new storage tool with the above storage tips in mind.

Discover the Best Way to Store Weed for Yourself

Advanced marijuana tools, whether for storage or for using, completely change the game. They show you what marijuana can really do and take you further into this interesting world.

But, if you’re just starting to use weed more often, it’s best to stick to the basics and work your way up. Find your favorite strains that you want to order more of and see if you can start telling different strains apart. Then, expand your at-home collection, which will lead to discovering more about the best way to store weed.

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