Indica Versus Sativa: How to Choose the Perfect Strain for Every Occasion

Think of your choice of drink and how your taste has developed over the years. You probably thought you liked cheap beer until you discovered more sophisticated choices after college. Or, you may have found better ways to mix your favorite drink and probably discovered a few things to stay away from altogether.

There’s a similar thing that happens as you start smoking weed. The more strains you try, the more you start to develop a preference for one strain versus another.

There are many different variations of weed out there, but the main thing to understand is the matter of smoking an Indica versus Sativa.

These are two distinct families of strains, under which many variations are grouped. To know how to choose the best strain for you, check out the guide below.

The Main Differences of An Indica Versus Sativa

Before you can get into the intricacies of Indica weed effects and Sativa weed effects, you have to understand what each one is. Basically, an Indica is a relaxer and a Sativa is an upper.

Coming Down Versus Going Up

Have you ever felt extremely tense or anxious for no reason? Do you have trouble falling asleep or staying asleep every night? These are signs you may need to relax.

Such issues might come and go or they may be medically diagnosed things you’ve learned how to live with. But, you don’t have to deal with them entirely on your own. An Indica plant can help you come down to a more relaxed, grounded state.

This strain family is all about soothing your mind and body. Some will ease the stress holding tension puts on your muscles, while others will focus on slowing down your racing thoughts and reducing the intensity of some of your worries.

A Sativa plant, on the other hand, is all about going up. If you’ve been battling depression or you struggle with getting out of bed in the morning, this is the strain family you need to focus on.

Sativas excite the mind and body. They can make you feel active, creative, and establish an overall sense of euphoria. Many people enjoy this upper when they’re already in a good mood and want to ride it out or when they need an attitude adjustment.

Relaxing, Socializing, or Medicating

It’s one thing to know yourself and another to be aware of the time and place in which you decide to smoke weed. If you’re about to have a long day of classes or you’re dealing with a serious situation, a Sativa may not be the best thing to smoke. Similarly, you can’t expect to gain much from an Indica if you need to be on your most alert, focused A-game.

These rules aren’t always black and white, though. Going off the mind and body variations mentioned above, there are certain strains within each family that will have specific effects.

Some Indicas will relax your mind without hindering the activity level of the body. There are also Sativas out there that can make you feel energetic and active while giving you full control of your thoughts.

This creates a balance between what you need and where you are. Many smokers use weed as a way to relax or to self-medicate, but they do this in a way that doesn’t interrupt their daily activities.

Choosing the Right Strain for Every Occasion

Speaking of daily activities, let’s take a closer look at a few things most people do every day. Weed can benefit everything from your morning routine to your productivity levels at work if you smoke the right strain.

Starting the Day

Always try to smoke a Sativa if you want to wake and bake. This will help you achieve the general sense of feeling high you’re looking for, while also getting you ready to take on the day.

The right Sativa lifts your spirits. It’s not too strong that you start thinking about many things at once or feeling anxious, but it is able to get you out of bed and excited for the day.

Focusing on Work

Most people head to work soon after they wake up. The right strain for your shift depends on the kind of job you have.

If you’re a graphic designer, a writer, or a barista, for example, you should use a Sativa before work. This will start to stimulate your mind, making you more creative, social, and personable in general. Such feelings contribute to the way you collaborate on ideas with others and interact with customers.

If you work in a quiet cubicle space all day or in a high-stress environment, though, it’s probably better to smoke an Indica. This will relax your mind and give you a peaceful sense of clarity to navigate the day with.

Hanging Out With Friends

Just as your work environment plays into the kind of weed you should smoke, your friend group may have an effect on what you should smoke, too.

If you’re close to a bunch of opinionated extroverts you’re going to need a Sativa to keep up with them. Friend groups that are more laid-back, on the other hand, will be easier to enjoy with a little bit of an Indica buzz.

Socializing in Large Crowds

There’s medicating your social anxiety in small doses and then there’s handling large crowds. Are you going to a concert soon? Do you have a ticket to an upcoming convention that you’re not sure how you’re going to navigate?

Find the right strain to help you prepare. An upper or a downer may be the difference between having the time of your life or feeling anxious and nervous throughout the event.

Hybrid Strains: The Sweet Spot Between Indicas and Sativas

Once you educate yourself about the main differences of an Indica versus Sativa strain, you’re able to dive into the world of hybrids.

Every marijuana strain comes from a female and male plant. Sometimes, these are a mix of an Indica plant and a Sativa plant. The result is a beautiful mix of some upper effects and some downer effects.

To find out more about the hybrid family, click here.